Curcumin and Its New Derivatives: Correlation between Cytotoxicity against Breast Cancer Cell Lines, Degradation of PTP1B Phosphatase and ROS Generation

Author: Kostrzewa T, Wołosewicz K, Jamrozik M, Drzeżdżon J, Siemińska J, Jacewicz D, Górska-Ponikowska M, Kołaczkowski M, Łaźny R, Kuban-Jankowska A.

Molecular Sciences, 2021


This study aimed to clarify the role of multiple curcumin derivatives, like PTP1B inhibitors and ROS inducers, to test them for potential new breast cancer drug therapies. Therefore, they investigated among other things the cytotoxic effect of these curcumin derivatives. The CytoSMART Lux3 FL was used to quantify the percentage of apoptotic/necrotic cells over time. The results suggest that there are better anticancer agents than curcumin and blocking hydroxyl groups in phenolic compounds can cause an increase in the cytotoxic effect.