Effects of Focused Vibrations on Human Satellite Cells

Author: Sancilio S, Nobilio S, Ruggiero A G, Di Filippo E S, Stati G, Fulle S, Bellomo R G, Saggini R, Di Pietro R.

Molecular Sciences, 2022

Satellite cells (SCs), also known as muscle stem cells are responsible for regeneration of skeletal muscles, with reduced muscle regeneration and atrophy being the typical features of sarcopenia. The CytoSMART Lux2 was used to monitor cultured SCs that were subjected to Vibration Sound System (ViSS) treatment. Previously, vibratory stimulations were shown to promote  muscular strength, however the effect of vibrations on SCs is unclear. The results of this study suggest that focal vibrations have a direct effect on human SCs, including reduced percentage of apoptotic cells, increased cell size, and mitotic events.