Hypermethylation of tumor suppressor lncRNA MEF2C-AS1 frequently happened in patients at all stages of colorectal carcinogenesis

Author: Qian S, Lin S, Xu X, Bai H, Yeerken A, Ying X, Li Z, Fei X, Yang J, Tang M and Wang J.

Clinical Epigenetics, 2022


The novel long noncoding RNA MEF2C-AS1 has been identified to be downregulated and have tumor suppressor roles in a number of cancers, as characterized by an inhibition in cell proliferation. In this study, the authors investigated the methylation status of MEF2C-AS1 and its role in colorectal cancer (CRC). The effect of MEF2C-AS1 methylation was analyzed with an in vitro cell proliferation, migration and invasion assay. The CytoSMART Exact FL was used to examine cell proliferation by counting the cells 24 h and 48 h after transfection. The results show that overexpression of MEF2C-AS1 was associated with a suppressed cell proliferation in RKO cells. These findings demonstrate the tumor-suppressing role of MEF2C-AS1 in CRC, which may serve as a prognostic biomarker for CRC survival.