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The accuracy of cell counters

How to determine the accuracy of a cell counter? In this whitepaper we show that accuracy is made up of two components: trueness and precision. It illustrates how these are related to the performance of a cell counting device.
For the trueness of a device, always focus upon R2 given. This value should always be close to one. But make sure to inquire if the value presented is the adjusted R2. Otherwise by using an unadjusted R2one may mask bad results.
Regarding precision, you should look for the CV value given of the device. The CV value should always be lower than the theoretical value. Note here that the CV value should be derived from a large sample size, with N > 5. The CytoSMART EXACT has a CV value of 10.1% with a theoretical value of 15%, thus showing the EXACT has a precision within international standards.
Download the whitepaper to know what to look for when reading tech-notes describing. You know what information provided is most important when looking for a new cell counter.

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