Time-lapse microscopy
to understand your cells

COVID-19 announcement

We will continue giving our personalized online web demos

All CytoSMART devices can be delivered, installed and supported in your lab with remote assistance.

There is no need for a lab visit if you want to evaluate CytoSMART cell imaging equipment like the CytoSMART Lux2 and CytoSMART Omni.

Capture cellular behavior using the CytoSMART Omni

Create time-lapses of entire culture plates, flask, dishes and more

Cell cultures are dynamic model systems and we have created a microscope that captures these dynamic processes. Filming and characterization of cellular behavior are not just goals on themselves, but are essential for research in drug development, regenerative therapies and tissue engineering. We would like to help you visualize your cells in the passage of time and investigate processes as they are unfolding.

Image analysis applications

Analyzing proliferation, cytotoxicity or cellular migration contributes to understanding cellular behavior. Such assays are tailored towards investigating responses to external factors, like small molecular compounds, nanoparticles or biomaterials.

For such applications time-lapse imaging is highly beneficial in understanding cellar response. However, image analysis can be tedious and time-consuming. CytoSMART's integrated image analysis algorithms can help in making sense of piles of imaging data. See which applications and algorithms might be beneficial for your research.

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