Elevated NF-κB/SHh/GLI1 Signature Denotes a Worse Prognosis and Represent a Novel Potential Therapeutic Target in Advanced Prostate Cancer

Author: Vecchiotti, D., Verzella, D., Di Vito Nolfi, M., D’Andrea, D., Flati, I., Di Francesco, B., Cornice, J., Alesse, E., Capece, D. and Zazzeroni, F.

Cells, 2022


The authors of this study explored the correlation between NF-κB activation and Sonic Hedgehog (SHh) pathways in prostate cancer (PCa), and the role of this interaction as a prospective therapeutic target. The CytoSMART Exact (formerly known as Corning Cell Counter) was used to establish the concentration of cells prior to their seeding and viability assessment. The findings of this study suggest that a NF-kB-SHh-GLI1 gene signature is enriched in PCa patients and is associated with worse prognosis, indicating that this molecular target could be used to treat aggressive PCa.