Repurposing FDA Drug Compounds against Breast Cancer by Targeting EGFR/HER2

Author: Balbuena-Rebolledo I, Padilla-Martínez I I, Rosales-Hernández M C, Bello M.

Pharmaceuticals, 2021


The authors of this study aimed to find EGFR and HER2 inhibitors similar to Lapatinib and Gefitinib. After analysing the FDA-approved DrugBank, the affinity to EGFR and the ability to inhibit cancer cell proliferation of multiple compounds was investigated. The CytoSMART Exact (formerly known as the Corning Cell Counter) was used to determine the seeding volume for the antiproliferation assays. It was demonstrated that two compounds with the highest affinity to EGFR and HER2 inhibited the proliferation of two cancer cell lines.